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The peaceful island

Fuerteventura is a paradise for “wind and wave” water sports. It is the oldest island in the Canarian archipelago and stands out for the variety of its wonderful beaches with crystal clear water, wonderful natural parks, hiking trails, and a spectacular underwater world, picturesque fishing villages and endless deserts. The kindness and smiles of its inhabitants are one of the most striking characteristics of the Majorera culture, also known for the production of the best goat cheeses in the world.



The island's good climate throughout the year and its warm waters make it a tourist destination without equal. It is the island of eternal spring, where the temperature is ideal throughout the year.

Lobos Island

The little natural treasure

The island of Lobos is a small islet (the surface does not reach five square kilometers) of volcanic origin with an incalculable beauty and natural wealth. It receives this name because in the past it was inhabited by monk seals, a species currently in danger of extinction also known as sea lions. The entire island is protected, constituting the Islote de Lobos Natural Park, since its land, with its beautiful beaches, and its coastline are home to more than one hundred plant species, unique birds and a wide catalog of marine species.



It houses a small treasure that captivates everyone who discovers it: the Isla de Lobos, a jewel of nature separated from the Majorera coast by two kilometers of ocean. We invite you to get on board a little boat, enjoy the ride through this little piece of sea and discover one of the best-kept treasures of Fuerteventura.


The Island of fire

Lanzarote, with its more than 300 volcanoes, is a beautiful island full of colors and contrasts: black and reddish lands, white houses, the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky. It is known for being an island with diverse coasts, sandy beaches, puddles and rocky cliffs. In each step we take in it, we will come across the work of the famous artist César Manrique, who left his mark in the centers of tourist-cultural interest, in his own foundation and throughout the island with his "wind toys ”.



In addition, Lanzarote has a unique wine region in the world, La Geria, where the famous Volcanic Malvasia is produced, a white wine with an exquisite texture and delicious aroma. One of the best ways to enjoy Lanzarote is by boat due to the number of ports it has spread throughout the island.

La Graciosa

The charming stranger

La Graciosa is the eighth island of the Canary Islands. It is the one that is more to the north of all and in only 29 square kilometers of surface it houses beautiful virgin beaches, turquoise waters and a surprising volcanic landscape. With a population of 700, it is one of the few places in Europe where roads have not yet been built. This makes the island still virgin and free of mass tourism.


On this island you can do many outdoor and water activities. The unspoiled landscapes can be explored with wonderful bike rides and hiking trails. The marine estates have caves and rock formations and a great diversity of marine fauna, which makes them an excellent diving destination. For its good waves, in addition, advanced level surfers venerate this island.



The weather

Weather conditions for the high seas and coastal areas of the Canary Islands.